The dancers soul.

Images By Michael was honored by the nationally known choreographer Jennifer Golonka last week when she was at Scottsdale’s Plumb Performing Arts dance studios rehearsing a new piece for a fundraiser in New York. THe dance world is familiar with New York City Dance Alliance as an honored, elite organization for the promotion and celebration of dance. This year, the NYCDA foundation, set up by dance guru Joe Lanteri, will raise money for college scholarships for the nations finest young dancers. This is just one example of how NYCDA rises above all other competitive dance organizations to promote and strengthen the artistry of Americas young dancers. These photos are from the first rehearsal, and even in it’s raw form, the piece is powerful and moving. I salute Plumb Performing Arts for being the only dance studio chosen to participate in this notable event, and I am proud to be associated with these amazing people.