Michael and Angela: A wedding

I met Michael many years ago at work. He told me how he lost his hearing at 4 years of age due to a bout of meningitis. Despite this, he was amazing at reading lips and signing, and I never had a problem communicating with him. Because we could share so easily, I discovered in no time that he was an amazing man, and we became friends. Most of the good memories I remember from working at Thunderbird were of Michael and his awesome sense of humor. Several years later, I met his fiancĂ©, Angela, while shopping one day, and was thrilled to see what a wonderful young lady she is. A few months ago, when they asked me to photograph their wedding, I was honored and agreed to do so. This is not a regular part of my business, because, as a portrait artist, obsessed with control of light and circumstances, I don’t enjoy the chaos of most weddings. Three things changed my mind. It was to be very small; the venue, Villa Sienna, was beautiful; and of course, it was Michael. As it turned out, despite a lot of work, I loved sharing this day with Michael and Angela, and I am extremely proud of the images. Please take a moment to enjoy them on my website.