Latest happenings

Thanks go out to all the parents and dancers from Plumb Performing Arts in Scottsdale for the photograph orders and especially for all the kind words about the images. I could not have done it without the lovely dancers who always make their art look easy- and we know it isn’t, don’t we. I look forward to the Spring recital and more great photographs.

I finally finished a new studio brochure. There have been so many new images coming out of my camera that I just had to share them. Thanks to all, especially Kenyata for her beautiful sessions with Images By Michael.

After a week shooting 500 images  in Puerto Rico, I am back and ready to start working on some new ideas using my Virtual Background system. This great technology allows me to photograph someone with literally ANY background. You can choose, I can choose, or we can even have a custom background made for just the shot you want. Call me anytime for details.

Finally, I wanted to introduce my Newborn package. It is a smokin’ deal for families with new babies. I will do a session at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months of age. You pick a photo from each session, and at the end, I will present you with a framed 4 panel set of the chosen images. All for 199.99. That’s a huge deal and a great start to documenting your babies growth in photographs.