Interesting people

The last several weeks have been full and busy. Images By Michael has had the honor and privilege to meet and photograph some of the leaders of the community. Sam Campana, the president of the Arizona Audubon Society brought her family in and we had a BALL!. They kept me laughing the entire session and the images are just what you expect when people are having fun being photographed. Michael Christie, the music director of the Phoenix Symphony, his lovely wife Alexis, and their beautiful little girl Sinclair, graced the studio just a few weeks ago. Coming soon to Images By Michael studio, is Adam Larouch, the new 1st baseman of the D-Backs and his family. Lauren Mallery, my Director of Sales and Marketing for Images By Michael, is currently promoting a new VIP marketing plan wherein any previous client who refers someone who has a portrait session will receive a $100.00 gift card to a fine restuarant.

Also, look for us on and The Click group.

That’s it for now. Remember, all you amateur photogs out there- get in close and tight when you have people in the photo. Remember, “that’s where the money is.”